Sunday, August 9, 2009


There’s a wealth of Olympic sports

For gifted jocks to choose from.

Pick one you like, train day and night,

And you might medals win some!

If you’re unfit to leap or dash,

Or in the swim to make a splash,

You may with luck win a place

On a crew that rows apace.

Then there is beach volleyball,

BMX and basketball,

Maybe fence or box or leap

Ten metres down into the deep.

Gymnastics looks like loads of fun,

If you’re strong and lithly sprung.

Flip and swing and do cartwheels,

Then make a pile from sponsor’s deals!

Can you nicely sit a horse?

Show jumping then’s your choice of sports.

The nag though is the star me thinks.

The rider’s there to show his pinks.

When all else fails no need to mope!

Synchro swimming offers hope.

If you can hold your breath and smile,

Hang upside down and swim a mile,

You too may waving proudly stand

Listening while your anthem’s played,

Collect a precious metal gong,

And be the toast of your parade.

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