Wednesday, August 12, 2009



To delay age’s cruel wear and tear,

Neil sought fitness with zealotry rare.

He jogged and worked out,

Lost weight and, poor lout,

Now he resides in intensive care!

*A friend who, though extraordinarily fit, tore a hamstring while water skiing and required surgery


Among its bright gals and fellers,

Our island has bold storytellers.

But twice-gifted Leanne

Outdoes woman and man,

Knitting while writing best sellers!

*Leanne is a skillful writer who also knits items, which she sells locally and on the Internet


A prim young lady named Marn

Was born and brought up in a barn.

She rarely spoke bold,

But she so loved the cold,

On a hot summer day she said: ‘Darn!’


A decrepit old poet named Phil

Wrote with consummate skill.

He wrote lots of verse,

But when came the hearse,

His work was shredded and used for landfill.


A versatile lady named Jane

Was on the game in Malaga, Spain.

She also laid drain,

Made chain and grew grain,

And surgically transplanted heart, lung and brain.


An old poet named Phil dwells within,

Where he thinks, writes verse and drinks gin.

He's glad you could visit,

But this ain't no inn, is it?

So depart ere your welcome grows thin!

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