Sunday, August 9, 2009


I have friends in town, friends abroad,

Friends I see most days,

Friends I see occasionally,

Friends with eccentric ways.

I have friends who sometimes use me,

Friends who never fail,

Friends I truly do admire,

Some friends belong in jail!

Some friends are rich, some are poor,

Some are worn with care,

Some live the life of Riley,

For some the cupboard’s bare.

I have friends who love me dearly

(Might they extend a loan?),

Friends who rarely call me,

Friends who won’t get off the phone.

I have friends who think I’m smart,

Friends who think I’m dumb,

Friends who like my verses,

For some they’re just ho-hum.

But my friends I deeply treasure,

Through good times and in strife.

Stalwart or fair weather,

Friends are the spice of life.

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