Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Some foolish folks in our split land

Wish to relive our history, and

Make our schizophrenia worse.

Put healing's progress in reverse.

They’d restage The Plains of Abraham,

As if today we gave a damn

Who won in seventeen fifty-nine;

Whether French or English broke the line.

Wolfe and Montcalm are long dead.

Let’s tackle ills of now instead.

Already Canada’s home to more

Than just two peoples (who keeps score?):

Asians, Latinos, Africans,

Whites, and yellows, blacks and tans.

Old wars between the founding races

Will soon leave just amusing traces.

We can a world example be

Of inter-racial harmony.

But first accept the past is past.

The future of this nation vast

Depends on sense and sensibility,

So let's eschew stupidity.

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