Thursday, August 20, 2009


Canada has got it all!

Eden’s plenty ere the Fall.

Mountains, forests, lakes and streams,

Ocean shores and land that seems

To stretch forever East and West,

Scenic wonders Heaven blessed,

Beaver, moose and polar bear,

Silver, gold and oil to spare.

We assume this treasure chest

Is due to holy righteousness.

In previous life we were so good,

God gave us his best neighborhood.

He threw in a health-care plan,

UI, welfare, Petrocan.

And to top our legacy,

He awarded us the CBC!

Still we carp and moan and whine,

Ungrateful for our gifts divine.

We can’t even summon thanks

For our friend and neighbour Yanks.

We scorn their taste and wild excess,

While envy drips for their success.

We can’t even let them be

For instead of ‘zed’ saying ‘zee’!

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