Saturday, August 15, 2009


A small café where I dine

Offers more than food and drink.

A young woman serving there

Is the finest dish, I think.

She’s friendly and efficient,

Greets guests with a smile.

But of all her charming qualities

Her ass stands out a mile.

It’s shapely and expressive,

Clothed in stylish slacks.

Who bothers with the menu

Or the café’s many lacks?

Men place their mealtime orders,

Then send her back for more,

Just to watch her walk away,

To her derrière adore.

This café is expensive,

In a seedy part of town.

Yet it’s always crowded;

The owners gain renown.

I hope they grasp the truth.

It’s not because they’re shrewd.

It’s to this waitress’ beauteous butt

They owe their wealth accrued.

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