Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Spend a half an hour

Every weekday night

Viewing Wheel of Fortune

And the gorgeous Vanna White.

She’s the image of a goddess

Clad in stunning gown.

She struts before the subject board

And flips the letters ‘round.

Pat Sajak runs the game.

He talks while spins the wheel.

But Vanna earns the fame;

Any show her curves would steal.

The contestants have been told,

If they get the answer right,

To pretend they have a fit,

To scream and act a fright.

For this weird performance,

They win a wad of dough,

And a trip to Newfoundland,

Or Bangkok or Borneo.

We can blame Merv Griffin,

For he made up this stew.

Only lovely Vanna White

Makes it worth a view.

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