Thursday, September 3, 2009


Some experts say the world is doomed,

The climate is a-changing.

The icecaps melt, the oceans rise,

As temps go higher ranging.

More hurricanes with gusto blow,

And flash floods drown the streets,

Lightening strikes are on the rise,

When warm-front cold-front meets.

Twisters whirl most every day,

And demolish trailer parks.

Typhoons toss the ships at sea,

While grinning lurk the sharks.

To make things worse, weather woe

Is just part of the equation.

Volcanoes, earthquakes and disease

Add more devastation.

When I hear such gloomy talk,

I can’t help but remember,

There’s nothing quite so often wrong

As predictions of the weather.

Disaster isn’t something new.

If it doesn’t rain it pours.

A forecast dire’s not nature’s fault.

The blame is all Al Gore’s!

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