Friday, September 4, 2009


The possibilities infinite;

The probabilities few.

Of what lies behind the veil

We do not have a clue.

Our puny minds and senses

Only reach the edge of space.

Of other dimensions,

We cannot discern a trace.

We see things through a pinhole,

A mere glimpse of reality,

Compared to all there is to see,

A teardrop in the sea.

Those foolish priests who tell us

Our fate beyond the grave,

Who quoting Holy Scripture

Presume our souls to save.

If we believe their ravings,

We're destined for paradise;

If we defiant scorn them,

We'll be forever Satan's prize.

We cannot know where we'll go

When we get the call.

We may fry on the Devil's spit,

Or in Heaven have a ball!

A likely outcome I suspect

Is eternal oblivion.

But could be we'll be surprised.

We yet may live again!

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