Wednesday, September 2, 2009


What was that? What did you say?

Repeat that please. Pardon? Eh?

My hearing’s failed a bit of late.

Speak up! With care enunciate!

I forgot my hearing aid.

I fear I may have it mislaid.

No, by gosh, it’s in my ear!

Still, I find it hard to hear.

Being deaf one misses much:

Music, sirens, talk and such.

The other day I crossed the street

And didn’t hear the car-horns beep.

But all things have a sunny side.

Hearing loss one can abide

When babies cry and engines roar,

When the spouse assigns a chore.

My friend, I know it’s all too true,

Of what you say a word or two

Goes misheard or missed entire,

But the outcome’s seldom dire.

I can’t my hearing loss abhor

When you become a crashing bore.

A lot of what you have to say

Ain’t worth hearing anyway!

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