Friday, September 11, 2009


Obama wants a health care plan

To serve both poor and rich.

On this time-worn issue,

He’s met a major hitch.

Some on the right say he’s red.

He’s Lenin back from Hell.

Others say he’s Hitler.

‘Liberty is doomed!’ they yell.

'That fiend intends to socialize

The business of the land,

To destroy free enterprise,

The government expand!

‘Health care costs a trillion bucks.

Where will we get the bread?

Higher taxes on us toffs,

Making old folks dead!

‘That’s what he has in mind.

Gas the old and sick.

They cost too much to keep alive.

Death panels! That’s the trick!’

Obama, here’s some sound advice:

Gas the loony fringe.

The time has come to not be nice.

On that your fate may hinge.

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