Thursday, March 15, 2012


Fuck is such a useful word in poetry and prose.

Besides a literal meaning that every body knows,

It rhymes with other words so your poems never miss.

There’s pluck, luck, duck and stuck, a few that make the list.

If you wish to give a jolt to those innocent of sex,

Drop a fuck or two in your stanzas or your text.

If you’re angry or depressed, and would let off a little steam,

Unload some pungent curses using fuck in a stream.

There are other profane words in English it is true,

But fuck is the worst to be really, really blue!

It makes but little sense; after all, it’s only sound,

And times they are a’changing. Its uses now abound.

In just a little while it’ll be just another word,

So use it while it’s hot, and gives grandmama a bird!

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