Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We ought to be respected whatever work we do:

Dig a ditch, cure disease, or for money screw.

To pick up trash or scrub a floor is hard and dirty too.

Ditto digging ditches or cleaning cages in the zoo.

For construction jobs you must be strong, and extra care is due.

Falling on a roofing job can leave you black and blue!

Sitting at an office desk from nine to five each day

May not be a challenge, but keeps the wolf at bay.

If you’re skilled at any trade, say plumbing or carpentry,

We cannot do without you. You’re a dire necessity!

Doctors, lawyers, engineers, reputed to be smart,

Attended school for many years to learn their special art.

All us common working stiffs by our peers should be esteemed.

But just a special few as professionals may be deemed.

A hooker may be wanted; her johns have no complaint.

Yet a hooker’s still a hooker. An architect she ain’t!

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