Sunday, February 19, 2012


I’m no Mr. Fix It.

What needs repair is me!

At least I must try,

Or what good shall I be?

A water hose is broken

Beneath the kitchen sink.

Twenty years ago,

I’d fix it in a wink.

Pliers and a wrench,

A little muscle too,

A few moments work,

And, PRESTO! It’s like new!

But now there’s a hitch;

I must get down on the floor,

Squeeze into a cabinet.

Can I do it just once more?

The job at last gets done.

And now I need a crane

To get back on my feet!

My angry joints complain.

As I get ever older,

I may be getting dumber.

But, if hoses break again,

I will call the plumber!

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