Friday, May 10, 2013


The world goes to hell
While old religions die.
Where is that man-like god,
Who dwelt up in the sky?

Is there still salvation,
A heaven and a hell?
Against such utter nonsense,
Surely we must rebel!

A new religion’s needed,
One not inciting fear.
Neither myth nor fantasy,
One full of hope and cheer.

A god who lives within us --
Defined as truth, beauty, love,
All things true and good --
Not raving from above!

A god who wants no edifice  
Where believers may atone,
Bow, scrape and pray,
And childish songs intone.

A god who needs no sacraments,
Sermons, texts, or priests, 
Weddings, funerals, baptisms,
Or other foolish feasts.

We need no priest to tell us,
Evil we must resist,
While we embrace the good,
The poor and sick assist.

It’s our spiritual duty
To love our fellow man,
Not to hate and kill,
Which religion now demands!

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