Friday, May 10, 2013


I’ve a busy day ahead,
Right from the starting gun.
I climb out of bed,
Then it’s non-stop run, run, run!

I have to get the paper,
Read who’s where and what.
I make the coffee,
So strong it melts the pot!

Next I shave and dress;
I must try to look my best!
Always there’s the chance
Of an unexpected guest.

I read for a while,
Grope for an elusive word
(The daily crossword puzzle):
‘Six spaces – a jungle bird’.

I help my darling wife.
With her work without end.
Washing, vacuuming,
Disposing, make and mend.

At last we have a drink,
Single malt Scottish brew,
Get a little tight,
Watch TV an hour or two.

At last it’s off to bed.
To sleep, except to pee.
Where do I find the time,
To write such great poetry!

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