Monday, December 21, 2009


If Christmas has you down,

Has you harried, has you glum,

The day so near upon us,

And the shopping’s still not done.

The tree’s yet unadorned.

No wreath upon the door.

You’re feeling overwhelmed.

Yule’s become a weary chore.

Take time to hear the music,

Those wonderful refrains

That express the joy of Christmas.

Their beauty never wanes.

The melodies uplifting,

Words with promise bright,

Memories of childhood

Of a storied holy night.

‘Away in a Manger’,

‘The Herald Angels Sing’,

‘Come All Ye Faithful’,

Hear the bells of glory ring!

‘Joy to the World’,

‘Little Town of Bethlehem’,

‘The Holly and the Ivy’,

To such cheer I say ‘Amen!’

Whate’er you may believe,

Religion or cold reason,

All can love the music

Of this delightful season.

Carols have the power

To from sadness make you free,

So turn on your radio

And sing along with me.

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