Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Your face is quite familiar;

Your name has slipped my mind.

It was just a week ago

We met and, yes, we dined!

I owe a sum of money,

But can’t recall to whom.

He’ll consider me a deadbeat

If I don’t remember soon!

I was there not long ago.

'Why' escapes me though.

Perhaps it was a wedding,

A funeral or a show.

When did all that happen?

It was a heady time.

Our world became a different place.

Was it ’fifty-eight or ‘fifty-nine?

Things never to be forgotten,

Gone as the morning mist.

Names, places and events

Likely only to be missed,

If someone tests my memory;

I wish to seem alert.

Instead I look bewildered,

An absentminded jerk!

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