Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tell me I am wonderful.

Tell me I’ve no peer.

Tell me I have talent.

That’s what I want to hear!

My verses masterpieces,

Works of genius, works of art.

The vocabulary matchless,

The imagery? Off the chart!

My meaning always clear,

No matter how profound.

Both the simple and the wise

Can get their heads around

The points I try to make,

The jokes I try to tell,

The satire and the irony

Ring true as a temple bell.

My subjects universal,

Nothing’s spared my scorn.

I’m a poet’s poet.

In the thrall of Thalia born.

Yet I fail to understand

Why no one shares my view

That I’m God’s special gift,

His reward to you and you!

Reward for what? One might ask.

I for one get none.

There are few readers of my verse.

A web of conceit I’ve spun.

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