Tuesday, November 27, 2012


She’s big, fat and beautiful.
She shops at Walmart every day.
Luxuries, necessities,
Things for work and play.

The sales stir her soul.
She surfs the shelves with glee.
She buys stuff by the truckload.
Well, gosh, it’s almost free!

Of all the items treasured,
Groceries are number one.
She heads first for the sweets 
And loads close to a ton.

When at last she’s through,
And spent her last thin dime,
She rushes home to eat.
It’s way past snacky time!

She eats ten Oh Henry bars,
A bag of potato chips,
An apple pie à la mode,
And a quart of Coke she sips.

Now the crucial moment;
Her reputation is at stake.
She steps onto the scale.
A new record she can break.

She’s gained another Kilo!
She’s Walmart’s shopping dream!
She’s their Big Fat Moma,
Their consumption queen!

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