Tuesday, November 27, 2012


My hair is unmanageable,
It sticks out every way.
I used to part it on the side, 
Though it would never stay.
I tried to look cool and neat.
Just so I always dressed,
But my hair betrayed me,
No matter my suit was pressed!

I strove to look debonaire;
I wore a fedora when in style.
But when I took it off,
I resembled something vile!

A wild and crazy lout,
Who evoked fearful screams.
What could I do
To be the man of my dreams?

The solution was so simple;
A triumph of common sense.
Shave it to the scalp!
With hair I could dispense!

Now I’m coolest of the cool.
A Don Juan with shiny pate,
So long as I remember
To shave ere every date!

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