Wednesday, December 15, 2010


What we think we know

Is but a tiny part

Of what there is to know.

We’re yet so near the start!

We know a little science,

Some philosophy,

But still we flounder lost,

In a vast uncharted sea.

Questions yet to answer:

Is there a God ‘up there’?

If so, did He create us?

Does He hearken to our prayer?

Does life have any meaning?

What happens when we die?

Does religion offer refuge?

Could it be a monstrous lie?

What’s beyond the galaxies?

More light-years of the same?

Or other dimensions

No genius shall explain?

If there’s a caring God,

He gave us minds to think.

If there is no God,

We’re still obliged to think.

Faith and superstition.

Lead to a fruitless end.

Knowledge and the truth

Only mind will apprehend.

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