Monday, November 15, 2010


Did you ever ponder

How luck affects you, pal?

Every day’s a risk

For every guy and gal.

You may win a bundle

On Lotto 6-4-9,

Get a big promotion,

Meet that date divine.

On the other hand,

Your luck may not be good.

You could step into the traffic

And dent somebody’s hood!

You may become disabled,

Wrongly sent to jail,

So many things can happen

On life’s uncertain trail.

Events good and bad

That were never planned

Can change your life forever,

In an instant set their brand.

How we like to think

If we achieve acclaim,

It’s because we’re clever,

We’re masters of the game.

But if we’re truly honest,

We would humbly admit,

We were fucking lucky

We didn’t end up in the shit!

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