Thursday, September 23, 2010


What’s happened to sex?

It isn’t fun any more.

Romance has fled the scene.

Sex is now a bore.

Getting laid’s as common

As a peck upon the cheek.

It can happen in a cafe,

In the park or on the street,

In a public washroom,

In a taxi, on the stair.

No one pays attention.

It’s hardly worth a stare.

‘Making love’, we used to call it.

One did it in the dark,

It was private, almost holy!

Ne’er a carefree lark!

Now we call it ‘fucking’,

‘Screwing’, or ‘in and out’.

It’s just a form of greeting,

Not to get upset about!

Every sexual deviation

Known to psychology

Is an entertainment subject

On the Internet or TV!

Nothing’s sacred, nothing’s bad,

All on DVD and live.

The result is total boredom.

The race may not survive!

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