Thursday, September 23, 2010


Radio’s most important man

Has the early morning show.

We wake up to his chatter;

He gets us on the go!

I’ve been in many towns,

And wherever, rain or shine,

A rousing radio guy

Got me off to work on time.

In London was Lloyd Wright,

In the a.m. hard to beat.

In Kingston Al Boliska,

A nut case but a treat.

Ron Wilson wakes up Edmonton.

His voice evokes a smile.

He’s so bright and cheery,

Who’d dare change that dial!

In T.O. Wally Crouter

Raised the performance bar,

Fairly bursting with energy,

A morning superstar!

Of these and many more

Whose often-thankless task

Is to drag us out of bed,

I must this question ask:

Who gets you up so early?

Do you ever sleep?

What puts you in a good mood,

And can I get some cheap?

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