Saturday, March 22, 2014


God made the universe,
Why? Bugger all to do?
What was here before?
God was missing too!

Who rates an eternity
Of joy in Heaven above?
No one’s been that good,
To deserve boundless love.

Even Jesus wasn’t perfect;
Crucifixion was a scam.
He rose then joined his Dad,
The sacrifice a sham.

Next consider Hell,
Where Satan rules the roost.
Is Hitler sizzling on the fire?
Did evil cook his goose?

Will I, a petty miscreant,
Join Adolf in the flame?
He burnt six million Jews;
I said ‘fuck!’. What shame!

This seems an injustice.
Is God a hanging judge?
Do all sins rate the same?
He must bear a mighty grudge!

What about those folk
For whom Christ is but a word,
Say, in deepest Africa,
Where scripture’s never heard?

If ignorance is a sin,
And faith is okay,
I fear few reach port,
If religion shows the way.

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