Thursday, April 28, 2011


I write most every day.

Verses flow from my MacBook.

Most are very good.

I only ask you, take a look.

Read a few aloud.

Do they have a pleasing rhyme?

Is there a rhythmic flow,

Constant beat in every line?

Is the meaning crystal clear,

A hint of humour there?

Perhaps a touch of irony,

Is there truth for us to share?

I strive to keep it light.

The deep stuff’s not for me.

I’m not an English scholar.

I eschew such pedantry.

If I evoke a smile,

And a nod of approbation,

Your time has been well spent.

I accept your admiration.

But money says it best,

So show your perspicacity

By cash or cheque dispatched

To my home in Waikiki!

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