Tuesday, October 26, 2010


You hardly know it’s there,

And then the lights go out,

The TV doesn’t work,

All is gloom and doubt.

What the Hell has happened?

Are wires down somewhere?

Has the power plant been bombed?

Is war about to flare?

It’s like the Middle Ages,

Trying to read by candlelight,

Heat from the fireplace,

Phantoms in the night.

Who’s that lurking in the yard?

What’s that noise I hear?

Will it be like this forever?

Is it in my mind, the fear?

At last the lights go on.

It was just a local thing.

Someone struck a pole,

A drunken ding-a-ling.

Electricity is a miracle,

Without it what would we do?

When the power fails,

We appreciate it anew.

Those who supply it

Deserve our encomiums.

Let us be grateful,

At least, till the next bill comes!

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