Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I know a little French,

A little German too,

Some simple words of Spanish,

In Greek can say ‘fuck you’.

In several other lingos

I can speak a phrase or two.

Mostly something bad,

Insulting, sick or blue.

English is the language

Taught at mother’s knee.

It’s my mother tongue;

Fluent I ought to be.

But my spelling is atrocious.

In grammar I do err.

My punctuation, ugh!

My vocabulary only fair.

Many new Canadians

Learned English when they came.

Now they speak it better,

Put us natives all to shame.

So I’ve set myself a goal:

A second tongue I’ll not pursue.

I’ll work on proper English;

To those others say adieu!

1 comment:

  1. Well, Phil, as far as second languages go, my two-year-old grandson has found it's very handy to know a few words of ASL (sign language.) Now when asked of he's sorry, he signs "yes" so as to avoid an outright apology, in his mind, anyway. So many ways to use language to further our own interests.